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Arizona MapThe Gardens Rehab & Care Center
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Levels of Care

We offer physical, occupational and speech therapy. The trained members of our therapy teamwork with each resident’s physician to develop an individualized, comprehensive care plan designed to reach specific treatment goals, and we’ve also developed a Nursing Restorative program for our long-term care residents, to help them maintain the highest possible level of mobility.

Physical Therapy

Our therapies department utilizes the latest therapeutic techniques to create a plan to improve your independence and build confidence in your ability to return to your home. Modern rehabilitation methods employ exercise equipment and muscle building activities to help you build strength and endurance.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists will create a strategy to help your coordination and flexibility to make challenging day-to-day activities more possible and comfortable. Acute and chronic limitations are identified and a plan of care is developed to overcome or cope with physical restrictions. Helping our residents to become more self-reliant creates a better chance for success once a patient returns home.

Speech Therapy

After a stroke, accident or illness, communication and/or swallowing may become more difficult or not possible at all. Speech therapy addresses the issues related to these disabilities by providing patients programs and exercises designed to help overcome or adapt to their limitations. Our therapies department is dedicated to providing you with the resources you need while progressing through your plan of care.